Sayyed Abul Aala Mododi was a famous Indian Islamic scholar he has written many books on Islamic philosophy. Tafheemul Quran is his commentry on Al-Quran. Here we are presenting Traslation of Holy Quran by Sayyed Abul Aala Mododi.




Book Name : Tafheem-al-Quran  (Translation Only)

Category : #Islam , #Al_Quran , #QuranTranslation #TafheemulQuran

Language: Urdu

Translator : Sayyed Abul Aala Mododi

Total Pages : 609

File Format : PDF & WORD Files

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Intense care has been taken while converting this translation from Inpage to word & PDF format still if user finds mistakes we must not be held guilty for that please do consider it a human error.

سید ابولاعلیٰ مودودی کا ترجمہ قرآن ” تفہیم القرآن ” پی ڈی ایف و ورڈ فائل ڈاونلوڈ کریں۔ 



Tafheemul Quran (Translation Only ) Urdu PDF & Text by Sayyed Abul Aala Mododi
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