A mission to Promote Urdu

Bazm-e-Urdu was started as a mission to promote Urdu language. Back in 2013 we felt need for a platform that will cater the needs of Urdu lovers globally this gave us idea of  Bazm-e-Urdu.Initially It was started as a social network but short of resources, it couldn`t survive.

At the same time we decided to collect copy right free Urdu literature and we started an online library project ‘ Bazm-e-Urdu Library’.Mr Aijaz Ubaid & His team at Urdu Mehfil was already working on such project and several books were already typed/collected.Mr Aijaz Ubaid & Dr Saif Qazi took all the pain collecting new books and shifting old collected books to Bazme Urdu library and soon more than 2K books were uploaded on http://lib.bazmeurdu.net .
We got very warm response from Urdu authors around the globe and many books are happily sent by them. Keeping in mind the use of mobiile devices we already designed a mobile friendly website furthermore An android app for our library was also launched by Saif Qazi in late 2014.
There was an increasing demand to include the download section in our library but as we are just two members team and we were very short of resources we couldn`t find a better way to include download section in our library.

Finally in June 2016 Dr Saif Qazi took responsibilty to gradually convert all those books in PDF format and to make them avaiable for free download on our main domain www.bazmeurdu.net

We hope Urdu lovers will find this treasure of Urdu literature helpful.


A joint effort of Aijaz Ubaid  & Dr Saif Qazi

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